Benefits Of Zerobody dry floatation Bed


An original and patented technology called Dry Floatation Bed might help you revitalize your body and mind. The Dry Floatation is an efficient and adaptable dry flotation therapy device created based on extensive scientific research on the health advantages of floating in the water. The body floats in 400 litres of warm water without the need to remove clothing or become wet. The floatation bed Therapy uses the advantages of floating to give the body and mind a quick, adaptable way to recover their vitality. A technical advancement in the service of regenerative well-being, Dry Float is a one-of-a-kind device that provides the advantages of lower gravity. It impacts stress, muscle and joint discomfort, sleep, focus, and psycho-physical recuperation.

What are the benefits of a Dry Floatation bed?

Now that you know what a dry floatation bed is, here is a list of the benefits of enjoying it. Check out the list to see why it is a great idea to have a zerobody bed facility at home or commercial space:

It reduces stress and anxiety levels

Only some people are aware that the blood level of cortisol can be used to quantify stress. However, a floatation bed reduces its levels by half compared to a conventional rest bed. Since we are all aware of how harmful stress can be to our health, we should take every opportunity to reduce it.

A Floatation bed improves our mood and energy

The body ceases changing body temperature and gravitational orientation while floating, which uses up to 80% of our resources. After releasing this weight, the body can release endorphins, chemicals linked to happiness. The “happy hormone,” serotonin, is also produced in favour of the float session.

Reduces sleeping disorders and insomnia

Sleep problems? A Floatation Bed has a beneficial impact on sleep quality that is both immediate and long-lasting. Sensory isolation in a flotation tank can bring deep relaxation and deep sleep patterns. A 60-minute floating session is equivalent to 3–4 hours of sleep.

Prevents and reduces muscle pains

Muscle pain can be significantly decreased after just one float session, resulting in a quicker return to normal energy levels and faster tissue regeneration.

Good for improving concentration

The dry floatation bed helps to regenerate the mind by improving concentration and focus. Studies have revealed that floating increases mental abilities like focus and concentration since it can engage particular brain regions.

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