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We offer the best pool care service for any types of pools. Aside from providing high quality service, our professionals also offer other services. Among its services are cleaning, installation, refurbishing, and swimming pool repairs.
This plans are available on a weekly or biweekly basis. Service plans include chemical dosing, PH test, cleaning and inspections, replacement swimming pool filter cartridges, a new start-up, holiday servicing, automatic cleaner parts repair, and other related pool supplies.

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Why should you choose us?

In order to keep your pool attractive and welcoming, it requires routine maintenance. As one of the best swimming pool maintenance companies, Luxpool offers dependable and skilled maintenance services and solutions all year around.
With one of our regular pool care plans, you can keep your swimming pool efficient, safe, and clean. In addition, our  maintenance service engineers can cover all your pool needs and handle any necessary repairs and upgrades.
As we are known as one of the best swimming pool maintenance companies, we offer chemical dosing, PH inspections, and extra services for indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Besides, plant room inspections, filter servicing is an additional choice. Pool filters ensure optimum water quality, hygiene, and chemical balance.

What do our pool maintenance services include ? 

Regular servicing

We offer service plans tailored to your maintenance requirements and financial constraints. We offer from daily, weekly , quarterly to yearly services based on clients need. We service all types of pool for both commercial and domestic clients. 

Emergency call-outs

If you need immediate assistance, our engineers can offer an emergency call-out service that, if necessary, includes a temporary remedy. Unless it is a Sunday or a holiday, we will visit your location within 24 hours of the reported incident.

Liner replacement

By changing the liner in your pool, we can remodel it. To keep your liner from deteriorating and becoming brittle or fractured, we advise replacing it every six to twelve years.

General service calls

Use this service for non-urgent repairs, breakdowns, and problem identification. Our top aim is to restore your pool’s functionality as soon as possible.


At the end of the swimming season, we may winterise and decommission your pool by adding pool covers, decreasing the water level, and cleaning the pool to get it ready for use the following year.


At the beginning of the season, we recommission pools by taking off and storing coverings, putting everything back together, topping off the water, and doing inspections and cleanings.

Contact us if you are looking the best swimming pool maintenance near me

If your pool needs any servicing, simply search for the best swimming pool maintenance near me, and you can contact our engineers; this is the best choice if you don’t want a recurring maintenance contract. To save your precious time, you can book an appointment with our team at 0333 7722 887 or info@luxpool.co.uk.

pool maintenance services

Keep your pool clean and ready for a swim with our pool cleaning services and pool maintenance. We are a top swimming pool cleaning service provider, offering everything you need to keep your pool perfect. Our swimming pool maintenance companies take care of all your swimming pool maintenance needs, from regular cleaning to repairs. If something breaks, our swimming pool repair contractors are here to help. With our full range of swimming pool services, you can relax and enjoy your pool without any worries. Choose us for the best swimming pool maintenance service and always have a sparkling clean pool.

Frequently Asked Questions 

The best way to keep your pool clean and safe over the swimming season is to perform a regular pool maintenance.
Clear the area of leaves and debris.
Brush the pool walls to remove sediment.
Clean the pool by vacuuming it.
Remove the skimmer and clean it.
Regular pump intervals.
Make sure the filter is clean and if it needs to be backwashed, do so.
The water in the pool should be PH tested.
If you have any queries, You can contact Luxpool.
It is essential to keep your swimming pool clean throughout the year in order to get the most enjoyment from it. As part of this maintenance, you will need to scrub, skim, vacuum, check the filters, water levels, and check the chemicals, as well as perform detailed tasks.
Keeping up with things like water chemistry, filtration, cleaning, water circulation, and more isn’t easy, and it can be difficult if you’re busy. But it is certainly possible to do so, and many people even enjoy it. If you’re busy, it can be overwhelming.
Alkalinity must first be tested and adjusted. The second step is to test and adjust pH. Followed by measuring and adjusting calcium hardness. Your water should then be sanitized. Cyanuric Acid should be checked and adjusted. Calculate how much solid is dissolved in your water and finally shock Your Swimming Pool.
A pool or spa must have a pH of 7.2—7.8 and a concentration of free chlorine of at least 1 ppm to kill germs. In order for swimming pools to be safe, they must have a pH of 7.2—7.8 and a chlorine concentration of at least 3 parts per million (ppm).
It is not advisable to leave a pool empty throughout winter. An above-ground pool’s stability needs to be aided by the weight of water inside. A pool wall that is not supported by water runs the risk of falling out of the track. In addition, the pool liner can shrink without water and will be unable to fit the pool. If you have any queries, choose Luxpool. 
It’s not clear how often it should be drained and refilled, but most experts agree it should be done every 6 to 12 months, depending on usage. By draining and refilling your pool regularly, you will be able to maintain clean, clear water and prevent any build-up of dirt or debris. You will also be able to extend the life of your pool and pool components by doing this.

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