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Luxpool provides an extensive range of commercial swimming pool design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance services. trust our expertise among commercial pool companies. As leading commercial pool contractors, we deliver high-quality projects tailored to your business needs. 

Types of Commercial Swimming Pools We Can Build

Various Size & Shape

Concrete, Modular & Steel types

Commercial Theme

Commercial Indoor Pools

Leisure features

Commercial outdoor Pools

Features of Commercial Pool

Infinity pool edges

Premium materials & finishings

Media & mood lighting

Water features

Spa pool, yoga deck & slides

Swim jet & pressure therapy

Energy efficiency & HVAC control

Our Expert Team in Commercial Swimming Pool

Our commercial pool builders team includes experienced architects, structural engineers, surveyors, project managers, pool engineers, construction builders, and business specialists. With an in-house team, we are able to communicate much more quickly and work together cohesively to build the best commercial swimming pool possible.

 For all of our projects, our talented designers will create mood boards, working drawings, design idea sketches, and samples, as well as the choice of CGI lumion  VR  and BIM models. As part of the project, we also design and give specifications for all systems and mechanical plant equipment, ensuring they all meet or surpass the required criteria and guidelines.

Our Commercial Pool Build Design Team offers 2D and 3D Renders

commercial swimming pool design

We build Tailor-made commercial swimming pool design for various types of commercial clients

Leisure Centers
Aquatic Centers
Education Centers


Our skilled commercial pool installers ensure seamless integration and functionality. With a focus on excellence in commercial pool construction, we manage every aspect from start to finish. As commercial pool builders, we offer innovative designs and durable solutions. Our expert commercial swimming pool contractors ensure efficient, reliable service for all your projects.

Pool Design

Based on the specifications of your project, our team of designers can provide fully customized designs. This covers pool designs in 2D and 3D enscape render.

Commercial Pool Builders

The building process includes completion, coordinate marking, HSE, construction, hydraulic support control, party wall agreements, and site surveys.

Planning Permission

You could need planning permission to excavate a base for pool, depending on local laws and whether a party wall agreement is required.

Pool Engineering

An air handler for the HVAC system, a dehumidifier, resting areas, and a room for filtration are all necessities for a pool.

Covered Floor and Moveable Pools

A moveable floor swimming pool system allows the pool room to be used in both directions because the pool is concealed beneath the hydraulically moving floor. As one of the top commercial pool builders, the hidden pool rooms we offer are often used as entertainment rooms, games rooms, or as associated lounges. 

All the mechanical parts are hidden under the floor, which allows the floor to move smoothly thanks to the thoughtful engineering. Did you know, Pools with stop-start switch-operated systems are able to be set at multiple depths by using a stop-start method. To find more if this is available for your commecial space, book a free consultation with our Commercial Swimming Pool Design Team.

commercial pool builders

Pool Types

Difference between concrete structure, fibre glass, and stainless steel pool types

Concrete Structure Pool

The concrete pool offers the most customising choices and the highest durability when compared to other swimming pool types. They do cost a little more, though.

Fibreglass Pool

Fiberglass pools are easy to replace as well as simple to install and maintain. These factory-built pools are more expensive and provide less customisation.

Stainless Steel Pool

These cost little. the welding joints are visible through the water, that created through welding sheets. Rust is more likely as a result of the pH variations and chlorides in the water.

Frequently Asked Questions 

By making the most of this area, we may add gyms, swimming pools, spas, saunas, and steam rooms, among many other creative ideas. Our commercial swimming pool experts at Luxpool strive to produce projects of the highest calibre within the footprint of any structure.
We are the best commercial pool builders. We create a complete design as part of our pool design consulting service so that it may be put up for open-market bidding. We can also help with the tender review procedure during this project phase. To know more, you can call 0333 7722 887 or email us at

We work closely with our clients to design and build the ideal pool incorporating a variety of energy efficient features. Luxpool design and build pools that cost fraction of the running cost more than the traditional pools.

Commercial swimming pool for hotels
Commercial swimming pool for leisure centres
Commercial swimming pool for aquatic centres
Commercial swimming pool for resorts
Commercial swimming pool for therapy centres
Commercial swimming pool for water parks
The cost varies based on a number of factors during the construction process. From quality materials, high water, unique features, and advanced technology, the cost will vary. We can help outline and quote a cost based on your budget – highlighting the most important elements. 


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