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In the UK, installing an indoor residential pool or a indoor commercial pool for recreational or sporting activities requires specialist indoor swimming pool builders. This is to ensure high quality, safety, long term use and adding value to your property is delivered.

Types of Indoor Swimming Pools We Can Build

Any Shape & Size

Concrete, Fibre Glass & Vinyl types

Any Themes

Residential Indoor Pools

Latest features

Commercial Indoor Pools

Features of Indoor Pool

Premium materials & finishings

High quality drinking water

Media & mood lighting

Swim jet & pressure therapy

High strength structures

Energy efficiency & HVAC control

Our indoor swimming pools are designed with the latest features & options to give you the best experience

You can modify the design when making your ideal indoor swimming pool to satisfy your requirements completely. At Luxpool, we will design the ideal indoor swimming pool based on available space and your budget. 

Our professionals will consider your choice of features like jet streams, bubbles, and water cascade in addition to waterfalls and fountains. Furthermore, our expert indoor pool construction builders can design and construct a magnificent indoor swimming pool that is entirely exclusive to your property with the aid of in-water seats and spa elements.

Did you know, our company stands out as one of the leading indoor pool builders, specializing in top-tier indoor pool installation and construction. As experienced inground pool builders, our dedicated team of indoor pool contractors ensures every project meets the highest standards of quality and excellence.

Design of Pools

Our designers create customized designs according to your project requirements. Including 2D and 3D renderings of pool designs.

Indoor Pool Contractors

Construction includes site surveys, a CAT scan, set coordinates, party wall agreement, health and safety, Testing and commissioning.

Managing Pool

A team of highly trained and qualified experts manages all indoor swimming pool installation projects, ensuring a timely completion.

Pool Mechanics

Besides the pool shell structure itself, a plant room, Daisy plus filtration system, air handling unit, thermal insulation, ducting, and a dehumidifier are all necessary.

indoor swimming pool builders

Did you know, indoor swimming pools add value to you property...

An indoor swimming pool may be a lovely addition that adds significant value to any home, whether you want to improve your exercise routine, need a place to unwind in the lap of luxury, or want to add another dimension to your property. The comfort and convenience of always having a pool at your disposal, day or night, any time of year, is well worth the investment.

We can install an indoor swimming pool for all-year around use...

Instead of neglecting your time in the pool during the colder months, choose to install an indoor pool so that you may enjoy it whenever the weather permits. Since there is less heat loss due to the enclosed environment, indoor swimming pools are more cost-effective and more straightforward to maintain than outdoor pools. You can get assistance from our qualified indoor swimming pool builders in selecting the best option for your home or commercial space.

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What Makes Us The Best Swimming Pool Builders London & Nationwide UK?

Our team comprises the best indoor swimming pool builders with a wealth of expertise designing stunning indoor pools for clients for more than 20 years, from straightforward indoor pools that are useful and practical to sophisticated designs that are as plentiful and imaginative as your imagination would allow.
We create swimming pools with different sites and price ranges in mind. We also have expertise in remodelling and renovating outdated or neglected swimming pools. With creativity and attention to detail, what can initially appear to be an ugly eyesore can be transformed into a beautiful, contemporary swimming pool.
Many pool owners prioritise safety and lower operating costs. Thus, to satisfy this need, we have honed our skills in designing and installing swimming pool safety covers for both new and existing pools. If you’re thinking of installing a new pool, renovating an old pool, or installing a safety cover, get in touch with us immediately to go over your project in greater depth. For top-notch craftsmanship and reliable service, choose the leading swimming pool builders in London to bring your dream pool to life.

Pool Types

Difference between concrete structure, fibre glass, and stainless steel pool types

Concrete Structure Pools

The concrete pool provides maximum durability and customisation, and lasts the longest compared to other types of swimming pools, although they are bit expensive than others.

Fibreglass Pools

In addition to being easy to maintain and easy to install, fiberglass pools are durable and easy to replace. This type of pre-formed pool are expensive and less customizable.

Stainless Steel Pools

These are low in cost. Produced by welding sheets, which are mostly visible through the water. There is a high probability of rust due to different water pH values and chlorides.

Frequently Asked Questions 

An indoor swimming pool will be a appreciated valuable asset for many coming years, indoor swimming pools increase value of a property market value and aesthetically attracting to potential buyers. Keeping your pool well maintain will give the best outcome. 
From a small lapool to a luxurious pool prices can vary depending on the materials, systems, technology, type of pool, shape and size of pool, features and more. Indoor Pools can range from £50,000 upwards. It is always best to get a quote to understand potential costs. Call us today and we can build you a free no obligation quote for your domestic indoor swimming pool or commercial indoor swimming pool project. We will consider if your space is enough for your vision or extension or if remodelling work is required. .
If you include the environmental control costs as well, you could expect to pay up to £10 per day and £35-65 labour cost per month for an average family pool and more for commercial property depending on size, usage, temperature control and systems used. The cost of running a pool cannot be precisely answered, but this information should help you determine the cost. You may wish to consider higher initial budget to create a economy efficient pool to reduce running and maintenance costs. 
As long as the building within which you will be constructing the pool is freestanding, the answer to this question is generally ‘no’. For all other types planning permission would need to be considered. Luxpool team can visit the site and provide you with more information if Planning Permission will be required. We can help you with the whole process of the planning application where required.
Swimming in an indoor pool has many advantages. Indoor pools are available year-round and are not affected by the weather, unlike outdoor pools. As well as being easier to heat, indoor pools are also easier to maintain.
We are the best swimming pool builders, we can build bespoke pools of any shape and size. This depends on the size of available space and your requirement and budget. You need to consider not the pool area, but also the plant room and other wellness areas and features you choose. We need to ensure the right space is available for comfort, safety and the whole wellness area aesthetically aligned. Our pool ranges from plunge pool to large commercial indoor pools.
There are many different models, shapes and sizes available. We have over 25 pre contructed pools sizes including plungepools and lap pools. Our specialist team can also build custom concrete pools that are highly customizable indoor swimming pools that can be built to any size and shape based on space available. Let us help you. We can visit your site and provide you a no obligation quote that includes multiple pool designs and cost plan to your budget.
Dont worry, Our jet pool systems with running water feature can allow you to continuously swim in the same space for a longer swim without requiring a bigger pool space.
Yes, we install pools across most locations in UK Nationwide. If you type on search engine, for example Search for
Best swimming Pool Builders Birmingham
Swimming Pool Builder near me Manchester
Best swimming Pool Builders in Wales
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Pool builder near me in any location You will find Luxpool as an option. We can install wellness centers even in rural areas.


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