Stainless Steel Swimming Pool


We design and install stainless steel pool UK that are bespoke to your needs. Stainless steel swimming pool is our specialty and we have a team that has vast amount of knowledge about fabricating and shaping techniques.

Features of a Stainless Steel Pool

316L Marine Grade

Custom Design Infinity Front

2.5mm dense Thick

Any Size & Shape (2D & 3D)

Slip Resistant

Inground pool or Above ground pools

Stainless Steel Swimming Pool

For the swimming pool industry, inground pools or above ground pools, stainless steel pool is a good choice of material. The advantages are – low maintenance, hygienic, lightweight, durable and provides an elegant feel to any setting; perfect for both our hydrotherapy and our swimming pools.

When you want something a little special, our beautiful, bespoke stainless steel pools offer a luxurious finish. Our clients’ unique needs and requirements are taken into account in the design of their inground pools or an above ground pools uk.

Benefits of using stainless steel swimming pool

In comparison to other types of materials, stainless steel has a variety of advantages. Water-prone areas like exterior handrails and kitchen sinks are often made from this material due to many reasons. In the long term, stainless steel provides the best solution for spas and pools, and the heavy-duty material still looks good years after installation. Luxpool is one of the best swimming pool builders of stainless steel pools and spas, we create visually stunning, luxurious, custom-built spas and pools.

One piece swimming pool

When it comes to convenient, instant pool experiences, one piece swimming pools are the ideal choice. Luxpool’s one piece swimming pools will blend seamlessly into almost any landscape. As a single prefabricated unit, it provides everything you need. Luxpool swimming pools come in a variety of sizes and designs. Depending on your preferences, the one piece pool can be tiled or untiled. The pool can be equipped with a skimmer, an overflow, or an infinity edge. Prior to tiling, our unique manufacturing process ensures a leak-free pool structure.
The thermal conductivity of our pools is 0.25 W / m2K, which means they are fully insulated. With its self-supporting 100mm box carbon steel frame, the one piece swimming pool can be installed above or below ground. Each one piece swimming pool is designed and built to meet the client’s needs and budget. Get in touch with our design team so we can help you create the perfect pool.

Above Ground Swimming Pools For The Ultimate Wet-Leisure Experience

At Luxpool, we are passionate about making your pool a success. Every gorgeous pool we construct combines your preferences and our talent and knowledge. Your ideal indoor or outdoor stainless steel pool, spa, and sauna are created by combining our technicians’ expertise, the suggestions our clients gave, and the overall dedication and effort we put towards every project.
For residential and business clients, we specialize in designing, installing, and maintaining all kinds of swimming pools including above ground swimming pools, and more. We also excel in designing and installing all varieties of spas, saunas, zero-body beds, and other wet recreational facilities.
Team Luxpool has proven experience and considerable goodwill in the wet leisure sector. Whatever your needs, starting from a stainless steel swimming pool to five-star luxury spas to family fun and exercise in the garden, we can design, install, and manage it all for you.

To book an appointment with our team or to know more about above ground swimming pools and other projects, you can email us at or call on 0333 7722 887.

Frequently Asked Questions 

You can choose between concrete or one piece pools based on your personal preferences rather than one being more appealing than the other. Concrete pools can be designed with a design that satisfies your imagination and creativity, while modular pools offer a gleaming surface that radiates light beautifully. Concrete pools can be designed with a design that is a reflection of your creativity and imagination. One piece pool can’t be personalized on the inside, but it has other great benefits such as a faster build time.
To remove accumulated chemicals such as chlorine from stainless steel pool equipment, rinse it off frequently with fresh water. If you use equipment around chlorides (chlorine powder, seawater, etc.) such as chlorine powder, clean your equipment immediately after use. Use a cleaner and clean your equipment often.
Stainless steel pools are durable and won’t fade over time. They will maintain their original finish for an indefinite period of time if properly maintained. A properly maintained water chemistry will ensure that stainless steel remains leak-free.
It makes sense that you’d be concerned about a stainless steel swimming pool getting too hot. Although stainless steel pools can get very hot during the summer, they are not hot enough to cause harm. Due to its ability to conduct heat, it will have the same temperature as its contents.
The chemistry of pool water should be closely monitored as pitting corrosion can occur when chlorine levels are high and the pool is not maintained regularly.
Discover the convenience and luxury of an above ground pool for your home. Our selection of above ground swimming pools includes options like the heated above ground pool for year-round enjoyment. In the UK, our one piece swimming pool designs offer seamless installation and modern aesthetics. Choose from our prefabricated swimming pools for a hassle-free setup. Whether you prefer a one piece above ground pool or a one piece inground pool, our 1 piece swimming pools provide durability, style, and exceptional quality for any space.

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