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With many years of experience designing and installing swimming pools of all sizes, Luxpool can handle any project, whether it’s for a small plunge pool or a large family pool. We offer the best outdoor swimming pool design and installation services.

Types of outdoor swimming pools we can build

Various Size & Shape

Concrete, Modular & Steel types

Range of Themes

Residential Outdoor Pools

Latest features

Commercial outdoor Pools

Features of outdoor pool

Infinity pool edges

Premium materials & finishings

Media & mood lighting

Spa pool, yoga deck & slides

Swim jet & pressure therapy

Energy efficiency & HVAC control

Our Extraordinary Design and Build Services From The Best Outdoor Swimming Pool Builders

The in-house outdoor swimming pool professionals at Luxpool can build one-of-a-kind, bespoke designs for wellness spaces and indoor and outdoor swimming pools. From small plunge to large commercial resorts we can build an outdoor pool of any shape and size. Moreover, our professionals can offer advice and assistance throughout the entire process.

 Over the years, as one of the best swimming pool companies London, we have developed an excellent multi-disciplined team that includes pool architects, structural engineers, surveyors, project managers, pool engineers and pool builders that allows us to complete your project from start to finish. When you choose the best outdoor swimming pool builders , Luxpool will enhance your space and landscape. 

Multi-disciplined Team of Pool Experts 

Pool Design

Using specifications for your project as a guide, our architects create custom designs, that include both 3D and 2D ones.

Outdoor Pool Builders

Site surveys, coordinate marking, party wall agreements, HSE, construction, and completion are all included in the building process.

Building Permission

Depending on local regulations and the necessity for a party wall agreement, you may need planning approval to dig out a basement.

Pool Engineering

A pool needs its own space, a room for filtration, an air handler for the HVAC system, a dehumidifier, and resting spots

outdoor swimming pool builders

Leading luxury outdoor swimming pool builders and designers in the UK

Each project is implemented according to the highest standards. We have established a reputation for creative design and first-rate craftsmanship over the past couple of years. As one of the leading swimming pool companies London and UK nationwide, every pool we design and build is distinctive and specifically tailored to the clients requirement. Among the top outdoor pool companies, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results. Trust our expert outdoor pool builders to create the perfect retreat for your home. 

Luxpool delivers the top-notch quality services.....

When considering your project, Luxpool is one of the top swimming pool companies to get in touch with. Considering that we have been creating swimming pools in the UK for over two decades, our pool builders provide the best quality work and craftsmanship. Swimming pools are constructed to the most excellent standards, paying close attention to every last detail. Our experienced outdoor swimming pool company specializes in high-quality outdoor pool installation. As leading outdoor swimming pool builders, we provide comprehensive services, from design to construction. Our dedicated team of outdoor swimming pool contractors ensures every project meets the highest standards.

swimming pool companies near me

We are one of the best Outdoor Swimming Pool Companies London and deliver projects UK Nationwide.

We design and build swimming pools of the finest quality thanks to our more than 20 years of experience in swimming pool building, design, maintenance, filtration, heating, and ventilation systems. Our company stands out among backyard pool companies, offering bespoke designs and quality construction for your ultimate outdoor retreat.
Being the best outdoor swimming pool builders, we will manage everything, including design, construction, landscaping and maintenance.
If you are searching for the best swimming pool companies near me, check out our website. 

To know more, you can call 0333 7722 887 or email us at info@luxpool.co.uk

Pool Types

Difference between concrete structure, fibre glass, and stainless steel pool types

Concrete Structure Pool

In comparison to other swimming pool varieties, the concrete pool offers the most customisation options and greatest durability. However, they are slightly more expensive.

Fibreglass Pool

Fiberglass pools are not only simple to install and maintain, but they are also simple to replace. These pre-formed pools cost more and offer less customisation.

Stainless Steel Pool

These are inexpensive. fabricated by welding sheets, the majority of which are visible through the water. Due to varied water pH values and chlorides, rust is more likely.

Frequently Asked Questions 

There are many factors that will influence the answer to this question, but the answer will differ depending on the design choices made. Since outdoor pools do not require additions to buildings, they are usually more affordable than indoor pools. Get in touch with our team of experts here if you’d like more information.
To ascertain the costs you can expect to incur, you need to consider all relevant details about your pool’s day-to-day running. Chemicals and heating are the two primary expenses associated with maintaining a swimming pool on a daily basis. In addition, you may want to consider equipment and pool maintenance.
Cost mitigation can be achieved in a variety of ways. Our saltwater pools require fewer chemicals than natural pools, which do not require chemicals. Also there are vVarious methods exist for heating pools, depending on which system you use can influence the running costs. Talk to our experts about what options are available for cost saving. Our experts will talk you through short term and long term running and maintenance costs for ultimate cost saving.
Pools can be built in your garden without obtaining planning permission, as long as the land does not require a change of use. However, we can contact your local council for more information about whether you need permission to install a pool.
There are a number of factors to consider when applying to a council, and they each handle applications in a different way. For more information on planning permission, please contact us.
The fact that your pool can be heated year-round is useful given the unpredictable nature of English weather. It is worth exploring in detail what kind of pool heating you are interested in having installed, since there are many different heating systems available. Heat pumps can allow waters to reach 40°C in temperatures above 15°C when running a standard heat pool that costs around £10+ per day to run.
A wide range of pool sizes and designs are available at Luxpool. The advantage of this is that you can choose a pool based on the size and shape of the outdoor space available. A pool in a size appropriate to your outdoor space is always a good idea. Oversized pools can weigh down the whole landscape, so it is extremely important that your design suits the ground capacity. However, if space becomes a limit, don’t worry, we can install water jets that allow a user to swim against the current for longer swim time.
An outdoor pool’s cover is essential. By preventing debris, litter and biological matter from falling into the water, they help improve water quality. A pool cover will also keep more heat in if you are heating your pool, which will lower your heating costs.


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If you are searching for the best swimming pool companies near me, check out our website. 
To know more, you can call 0333 7722 887 or email us at info@luxpool.co.uk. 

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