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With Luxpool, you can enjoy a luxurious swimming experience with drinking-quality water. Enhance your outdoor space with our expert natural pool construction. Our fresh water pool system ensures a chemical-free swimming experience. As a top swimming pond company, we design and build stunning, eco-friendly swimming ponds for your perfect natural retreat.

Drinking Water Pool

At Luxpool, we prioritize your health and safety. That is why we use the Dryden Daisy®, an advanced water system by Dryden Aqua. This integrated treatment provides drinking-quality pool water that is consistently clean and safe for swimming. Not only does it keep your pool healthy and pristine, but it also helps protect the environment with its eco-friendly approach. You can enjoy a refreshing dip in a safe and luxurious pool with our expert technicians. So take a dive and make a splash – your Luxpool awaits!

Pure Clean Drinking Water...

As a unique biological water treatment system, it prevents bacterial and parasite growth in an eco-friendly way. This remarkable system works for both public and private swimming pools, delivering consistently safe and clean pool water without relying on harsh chemicals.
This unique treatment system is a revolutionary solution that directly acts on the source of potential problems, reducing risks of infection, chlorine smells and toxic air conditions. Not only does this approach lower maintenance costs, it also results in crystal-clear and refreshingly clean swimming pool water for everyone so that you can make a splash with peace of mind!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Yes. Our advanced technology filtration system offers drinking water quality to all pools. Throughout the UK, we have completed a number of stunning swimming pools, both indoors and outdoors.
When the pH or balance of the swimming pool water is too low, chemical-free additives are usually added until the pH is corrected. In case of doubt, always consult the manufacturer’s instructions or contact us for assistance.
Get in touch with Luxpool today to learn more about our water analysis services, including microbiological testing. For swimming pool water treatment programs, we can provide professional, cost-effective microbiological water analysis solutions.
Ultraviolet light is another, easier way to treat bacteria and algae. By using this technique, bacteria and other harmful chemicals in the water are completely destroyed. In a pool management system, UV treatments kill bacteria and algae as water passes through system. Many swimming pools can be retrofitted with UV systems because they are cost-effective to operate.

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