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Luxpool is one of the luxury swimming pool builders in UK that offers cutting-edge luxury indoor and outdoor swimming pools. We are a next-generation pool firm with years of experience in the field and a long history in luxury swimming pool construction.  


Features that make a pool luxury

Premium materials & finishings

High quality drinking water

Media & mood lighting

Swim jet & pressure therapy

High strength structures

Energy efficiency & HVAC control

We can create a bespoke pools of any shape & size

In the UK, Luxpool is a luxury swimming pool contractor, recognised for creating some of the most creative stunning luxury indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Furthermore, our experts are the best if you want top-quality swimming pool installation in UK.

Our experts can create a variety of designs, shapes and sizes to enhance or complement any residential or commercial spaces. The main swimming pool installation UK is concrete, this is where we use high strength Sika ViscoCrete 48/32 water proof concrete, eliminating the use of ordinary concrete. we also offer fiberglass and vinyl pool types.

Our services don’t stop with pools, we also sell and set up high-end hot tubs, spas, and saunas. We can even give you all the necessary equipment and supplies to maintain and care for your wet facility. So, you can trust Luxpool who are high end pool builders which bring you the finest luxury swimming pool solutions for an ultimate indulgent experience.

Luxury Pool Designers

Our team of designers carry a complete tailored designs based on your project requirement. This includes 2D and 3D render pool designs. 

Luxury Pool Builders

Build process includes site surveys, CA scan, marking coordinates, control hydraulic supports, party wall agreement, HSE, construction and completion. 

Luxury Pool Installation

All our luxury swimming pool installation are managed by our team of experts who are fully trained and qualified, ensuring a timely completion.

Pool Engineering

A pool requires a space for it self, a plant room Daisy plus system for filtration, HVAC, insulation, ducting, dehumidifier, as well as relaxing wellness areas. 

Pool Types

Difference between concrete, fibre glass, and vinyl pool types

Concrete Pools

Concrete pools offer extreme durability and customizability, although they require higher budget than others ultimately concrete pool add most value to a property and last the longest compared to others.

Fibreglass Pools

A fiberglass pool is one of the easiest to maintain, the quickest to install, and durable of all types of pools. The cost of these pre-formed pools is higher, and customization is limited.

Vinyl Pools

Vinyl Pools have the lowest cost compared to all types of inground pools. Very customizable and non abrasive. However, there is a higher lifetime cost, pro-rated warranties, extra care is required and a lower resale value.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Where to begin? Beyond imagery, being practical you should think about what you want the space to look like and how you plan to use the space. Some things to consider are:
1- Will this be a entertainment space, a quiet get away or a professional training facility?
2- What is the purpose of your pool? Would you prefer to soak in a spa or swim for fitness (or both)?
3- How much time will be used in the water vs in the surrounding features.
4- What is the minimum size and shape you desire?
5- What is the theme of your luxury pool area?
The implementation of an idea requires many further considerations. To save time, our expert team of Pool Designers (architects) can help you with developing your ideas and providing you with 2D & 3D drawings. 

It’s all based on multiple factors in the build and construction stages. From premium materials, high water quality, unique pool features and advanced pool engineering technology, the cost may vary. As a luxury pool contractors we can help to build design and a cost quote based on your budget – highlighting most important elements. If you would like further information, please get in touch.

There are various factors that can affects the running cost of luxury swimming pool. Use of energy efficient systems, thermal concrete and pool covers can reduce the daily running cost. Also keeping the pool clean and well maintained reduce running costs.

Planning permission is generally not required for private outdoor pools. We can help find out if you need planning approval from your local authority. Your pool may require planning approval if your property is listed or in a conservation area, or it will affect nearby buildings, drains. In order to install an indoor pool, we can help you with applying for planning approval. Changes to a property are governed by Building Regulations, so consent is required.

We design and build pools that can run on a fraction of the cost of a more traditionally built pool. We worked closely with the client who had very specific energy efficient criteria to design and build their vision. Pool installation companies near me. 

We are the UK’s top luxury swimming pool builders in UK. From the initial consultation our project managers collaborate between client, main contractor and our multi disciplined  inhouse team including  designers, architects, structural engineer, surveyors, cost managers, construction team and pool technicians. The complete project at every stage is assigned and managed by a same project manager to deliver a smooth experience and complete your swimming pool project on time. 

  • Swimming pool for home owners
  • Swimming pool for hotels
  • Swimming pool for leisure centres
  • Swimming pool for aquatic centres
  • Swimming pool for resorts
  • Swimming pool for therapy centres 
  • Swimming pool for water parks 

We can provide you with countless suggestions and various swimming pool ideas in various forms and sizes, search for a “swimming pool installation near me” or “luxury pool builders near me” and you will find us the most trusted luxury pool contractors among others. 
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