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Luxpool are the Best Swimming Pool Contractors UK

Luxpool is a group of highly talented and experienced pool builders and contractors focusing on designing, building, and installing top-quality pools in the UK. Our team of experts has several years of experience in swimming pool design and build and offers high quality tailored solutions for homes and commercial spaces locally and around the country.

Swimming Pool Design Types


Swimming Pool Designers UK

Our team specialises in creating custom swimming pools that are both unique and luxurious. As one of the best swimming pool designers in UK, we use our extensive knowledge in design and build to ensure you obtain the best service for your home or project. As the best swimming pool designers, we recognise the importance of selecting a personalised solution suitable for your home.
Our team’s expert contractor can customise pools using revolutionary carbon-ceramic technology to make them absolutely ideal for you. Get in touch with us immediately if you’re interested in building the most excellent, beautiful pool, our swimming pools construction and designers team would love to make your vision a reality. By choosing Luxpool, you are investing in the most outstanding quality option for your home water recreation requirements available in the UK, thanks to the implementation of these technologies.

Swimming Pool Designers UK

Why Choose Us?

• We are a specialist design and build swimming pool contractors, over Traditional pool builders in UK.

• We always prioritise quality over quantity.

• Our customers will always receive deliveries on schedule and with no delays.

• For your pool to comply with current regulations, our installation services strictly adhere to ISO quality standards and Building Regulation.

• Our prices will be aggressive enough to succeed in the market.

• To guarantee that your pool is in excellent functioning condition, our specialist engineers are professionally trained to handle all maintenance and repairs.

• Multi-disciplined team of experts including Architect, Surveyors, Project Managers, Pool Engineers, and Quality Managers. 

Swimming Pool Designer

Our architects complete bespoke designs based on your project requirement. This includes 2D and 3D designs. 

Pool Build

Build process includes site surveys, marking coordinates, control hydraulic supports, party wall agreement, HSE, construction and completion. 

Planning Permission

To dig out a basement it is likely you will need a planning permission depending on local requirements and party wall agreement if necessary. 

Pool Engineering

A pool requires a space for it self, a plant room for filtration, HVAC air handling unit, dehumidifier, as well as relaxing areas. 

The Build Process

Before any works to be carried out, we undertake a thorough site survey to assess the site condition which includes ground contamination, ground water table, soil strength and any existing footing FDN exceeding 45 degrees. Following the assessment our experts will provide a comprehensive set of concept and technical drawings that specify every aspect of your pool, including its size, shape, depth, lighting, water flow, filtration capacity and any additional features and enclosures you decide to include.
Following the approval of design, we mark out the site for excavation. We install shoring plates prior excavation to avoid lateral movement in nearby ground. Excavated area is compacted and shuttered. The walls and floor is insulated before adding steel reinforcement and spray-water proof Sika concrete. The structure is cured and rendered using high quality ARDEX system. Then, the tiling, mosaic and grouting is done with the installation of selected cover. Water pressure is tested to both swimming pool and plant room. At completion, you will receive a comprehensive handover pack with everything documented and certified.

Frequently Asked Questions 

In traditional the cost and delivery times can be uncertain and are usually longer. By using design and build, a project can be completed more quickly and more cost-effectively. Luxpool are the best swimming pool designers UK. 
There is less expenditure and up-front engagement required. Knowing up-front the entire project’s costs at the very beginning of the pitch process. A complete design BIM model is prepared to have a better control of cost, time and quality at various stages of project.
In order to design an adequate pool, it is also necessary to take into account the external coping, paving, and pool surround. These must comply with adequate hygiene and safety standards. In general, materials that are resistant to moisture and adverse weather can be used.
There are many variables that affect the construction process, such as weather conditions, local building inspections, and the complexity of the project. Following the approval of local permits, most shotcrete pools can be finished within 6 to 8 weeks.

Our clients are primarily based in London, but we cover the entire country. Contact us if you have questions about your pool or project, no matter where you are located.

The value of a home can be increased far beyond its monetary value with the addition of a swimming pool. Imagine endless summer days spent in the backyard with family and friends! Swimming pools can provide that relaxing escape you’ve always wanted, whether you’re planning a party with friends or a little alone time. The benefits of swimming to promoting a healthy body and mind have been well documented. A swimming pool increases a home’s value by 8% to 15%, according to the National Association of Realtors. This value will be affected by the current market and property values.

All swimming pools from Luxpool UK come with the industry’s longest structural, equipment, and workmanship warranties.

Structures of pools and spas are covered by a 10-year warranty
Three-year warranty on waterproofing and interior finishes
Installed pipework is covered by a 1-year warranty
The electrical and mechanical plant must comply with manufacturers’ definitions but must be at least one year old


Among our specialties are the design and construction of high-end concrete swimming pools for private clients, hotels, hospitals, leisure operators, and schools. In addition to concrete pools, we also offer ceramic, porcelain, and glass tiled finishes. As part of our recent expansion, we now offer stainless steel pools, both bespoke and modular.
It should last a lifetime if they are built by a reputable company and then properly maintained and serviced. To ensure the longevity, professional pool maintenance is essential. Once your pool has been installed, we can refurbish it many years later when your interiors and personal taste change.

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