Swimming Pool Contractor: How To Build A Pool In Your Backyard?

It is essential to connect with an expert Swimming Pool Contractor if you want a luxurious wellness space in your backyard. Firstly, you may want to know about the Swimming Pool Design and Build process and the importance of this phase. We can assure you that you are at the right place for that. In this blog, you can learn about the step-by-step process of building a backyard swimming pool.

Step-by-step process of swimming pool design and build

Here is the list of steps that swimming pool contractors UK follow to build a pool:

Location and design choices

Leading swimming pool designers UK begin building a pool with its design. First, they select a design that works with the available space or selects a piece of land that can accept an existing design. The shape, depth, size, filtration system, and pool area are the primary factors in the swimming pool design.

Digging process

After deciding on a design and a location for the swimming pool, the next step is to prepare the site by excavating it. The steps that a swimming pool contractor follows are:

  • CAT scan the surrounding.
  • Penetration test – not many other contractors do this.
  • Marking the coordination.
  • Installing of shoring depending on ground stability.
  • Carefully excavating the area while considering where the swimming pool floor takes up.
  • The earth around the perimeter should be removed and disposed to licensed tip.
  • Datum marking stakes are used to mark the swimming pool’s border. Method used for pool precision.

Swimming pool base

One of the crucial stages affecting the swimming pool’s lifespan is the construction of the pool base. The bottom face of the excavation is created to be flat and homogeneous. The site must be filled and compacted with firm soil if it contains loose soil. Following that 6F2 / MOT type 1 or 2 and 100mm concrete blinding for floor base.

Steel Cage Strengthening

Following the preparation and completion of pool base, the next stage for the Swimming Pool Contractors UK is to add steel reinforcement to the pool wall and bottom. Here, at Luxpool we use high strength rust-resistance tensile steel to form steel cage reinforcement which is built across the inside surface of the swimming pool using the shotcrete method. The concrete construction is built in one piece, without a space between the wall and the floor. The form work is prepared around the cage to next stage of poring concrete.

System of Pumps and Filters for a Pool

A big tank, composed of concrete, metal, etc., is equipped with a filter system and pump. Plumb lines are constructed to transport water from the swimming pool to the filter system and back to the swimming pool before pouring the concrete.

Construction of Swimming Pools Using Concrete

Swimming pool designers UK will use the specially formed concrete mix called Sika to walls, floors. This is done with spraying the concrete to avoid any voids which are normally left by traditional concrete pouring. The concrete needs to cure

twice daily for 14 days once it is finished. Upon completion a cube test is done and tested in laboratory to determine the overall strength of concrete poured on site.

Pool Waterproofing Concrete

Using tiles, glass, ceramic, an epoxy-cement system, or any waterproofing membrane is the most common approach to waterproofing a concrete pool. When choosing a waterproofing technique, the area’s water table level and the soil’s moisture levels are considered. To make it watertight, walls and flooring are waterproofed.

Here at Luxpool we use high quality materials. We use Ardex AM100 & S300 to wall and floor including the top edges and stairs.

Water Pressure Test

Upon completion of above, the pressure is tested twice to pool plant room and water level to pool to determine any loose point. The pressure is left for 48hrs for accuracy.

Building of Coping

Coping is the space for walking around the edge of the pool. It can be constructed from stone, marble, tile, or concrete. Wait to fill the pool until two to three days have passed since the coping was built.

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