How to Maintain Outdoor Swimming Pool for a Better Experience?

Access to an Outdoor Swimming Pool feels excellent, but keeping it clean is also mandatory. You must note that contaminated water may harm your skin and leave you with rashes and allergies. To avoid these problems, you can hire professionals from leading swimming pool companies in London, such as Luxpool.

In this blog, we want you to be aware of a few things to do that will keep your outdoor swimming pool clean.

Here are our top suggestions for keeping your outdoor swimming pool in good condition.

Swimming pool companies in London suggest Vacuum and rake

Use a net or rake to remove waste such as branches, twigs, and leaves. Moreover, you can buy a scoop with a telescopic pole, an extra broad net, and a robust and lightweight design. It makes it simpler to get to every part of your pool. Use a pool vacuum to get rid of leaves, dirt, and other objects that have fallen to the pool’s bottom.

Filter cleaning

Even if the chemical levels are adequate, a dirty filter can significantly impact water circulation and cause a green or hazy pool. Millions of minute particles attach to the filter as water flows through it, and this build-up can cause the pump to be slow and ineffective. Remember that filters come in various forms, and each has a specific cleaning procedure.

Verify pH levels

The pH value determines the acidity of the water. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, with 7 being the neutral value. Water is acidic if the pH is below 7 and essential if it is above 7. When you choose the leading outdoor swimming pool builders, they will tell you about this step.

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Check the water level regularly

Pools lose water as a result of use and evaporation. Water levels should not be allowed to drop below the intake tubes of the skimmer because doing so could harm the pump. The simplest technique to refill the outdoor swimming pool is to run a garden hose through the water for a few minutes. Before doing so, be careful to verify your area’s water limitations!

Pool shocking is a must

Swimming pools can be shocked to get organics out of the water, eliminate algae, and keep the water clear.

The process of pool shocking includes adding a considerable amounts of elements such as chlorine to the water to counteract organic impurities such as ammonia and nitrogen that build up in a pool and can cause it to go hazy and smell of chlorine. If you are thinking of doing this, make sure you do it chemically-free!

While maintaining the pool is not a tough job if you have the right consistency and knowledge, hiring professionals for deep cleaning is also best. As a leading team of Outdoor Swimming Pool Builders and service providers, we at Luxpool can connect you with experts. You can call us on 0333 7722 887 or email us at