diving in at the deep end: investing in a swimming pool 

While there are no official figures, most property experts agree that installing a swimming pool sometimes called a piscina – will add between 5% and 20% to a property’s overall value.  While the cost of building even a medium-sized version can be significant, the added value is likely to be greater, making it an investment that you can really enjoy.  But what do you need to do to have a professional outdoor swim feature installed at your property, and how do you find a credible installer? To begin with, you can find the right company by searching for “Swimming Pool Companies Near Me”.

Your Swimming Pool; Doing the Groundwork.


First off, you will need to decide on your desired style and establish that it can be comfortably accommodated in your available space. While this might seem easy enough, there are a bewildering number of types to consider, each with their own advantages and requirements. The main ones are:

  • Above-ground. Needing less investment, these are popular with those seeking to build on a budget. They generally do not require planning permission because they can be considered to be non-permanent structures.
  • Regarded as a leisure feature, an indoor swim is ideal for relaxing and socialising.
  • Usually both narrower and shallower than other examples, these are designed for workout enthusiasts who just want to do laps for fitness.
  • The main advantage of this is that, providing you have the space, they can be enormous and allow for large parties.
  • These are usually designed around the structure of the house; they are regarded as a purpose-built feature of a property.
  • Considered to be the top-end of swim design, these take advantage of glorious views.

Apart from above-ground variants, all of these will require some level of excavation and that is not only expensive in itself, but may require planning permission and will need some kind of survey to establish where a property’s services run so as not to damage them.

Build it!

Unless you are competent and you are planning an above-ground structure, you will probably need to engage a professional construction company to create your dream.  A well-established company will have a team of architectural designers, structural engineers, surveyors and project managers who will walk you through the process from initial designs right up to final commissioning.  They will have sufficient insight to help guide you through the planning process, and will have the expertise to tackle every part of the work.

The work starts with a consultation on what form of feature is best for your needs and your property.  A detailed overview of all of the work will be required to make your dream a reality. Once any necessary permissions have been granted, the architectural designers will finalise the plans and work together with the surveyors to put the building process into motion.

Your builders will carry out an extensive survey of the area before commencing work, and will aim to have minimal impact on the surrounding area during the build process.  Once your dream has been installed and commissioned, they will ensure that your garden area is returned to its original condition, resulting in a perfectly located, glorious swim feature.

Your Outdoor Swimming Pool Builder will work to a schedule and combined with professional project management will mean that every task is well-defined in terms of scope and timescales, and perfectly aligned to ensure that work is carried out on time.  The company will deal with all aspects of the design and installation for you. If you have your heart set on a beautiful infinity version built into your property, then professional architects can help you make this a reality with minimum disruption.

Enjoy it!


The feeling of first slipping into your new swim feature is unlike any other you will ever experience. The gentle caress of the warm water is relaxation itself, and swimming is one of the best all round exercise routines you can experience. A well-designed and constructed water feature offers myriad opportunities; from becoming part of your daily fitness regime to being the centrepiece of a social gathering. It is a wise choice on many different levels and will be one of the best investments that you can make for your property.

Whether you are looking at a small piscina or an Olympic-sized extravaganza, you will have something that is a statement piece and will be both eye-catching and functional at the same time.


  1. Are these a good investment? Typically, the answer to that is ‘yes’. A properly-installed feature like this will always add value to your property.
  2. How do I know what type is right for me? Discuss your requirements with your outdoor swimming pool expert and request a free initial consultation to discuss your options.
  3. How long will the work take? A below-ground piscina is a considerable constructional undertaking, but construction experts will have a well-established process for the installations to follow. When researching professional swimming pool companies near me, always look for testimonials and customer reviews.
  4. How much will an outdoor feature cost to install? A large, ground-level outdoor example is a significant investment and may cost as much as £80,000 to 120,000 for a luxurious example.  While that may seem expensive, when considering the amount that it will add to your property’s value, then it is most likely a worthwhile investment.
  5. Will I be kept up to date about the build progress?   Your professional outdoor swimming pool builders will always provide you with regular progress updates.
  6. These look expensive; Can I get Finance? Subject to status, finance is not usually a problem. Ask your professional construction company for details of finance packages that may be available.
  7. How do I find the right installation company? Just carry out an online search for swimming pool companies near me, and you will soon find a professional installer who will meet your needs.

For more information on having a swimming pool installed email info@luxpool.co.uk or call 0333 7722 887 for a free quote.