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A Sauna and Steam Room is not a modern innovation. Did you know, they trace back to ancient Greek and Roman times when they were called steam baths. Ancient civilisations were very invested in wellness and health and often as a luxury treat, detoxify their body in steamed baths.

When steam baths were first invented, athletes, gladiators, philosophers, and even ordinary people enjoyed them. Traditionally, simple basins heated by burning coals produced steam. A sauna and steam room were not just used for cleaning, unwinding, and recovering after exercise; they were also a venue for socializing.

This custom is still practised today, as seen by the presence of an infrared sauna cabin in spas, luxury homes, and even gyms. But there is a difference between a sauna and a steam room. While steam rooms rely on moist heat, saunas use dry heat.

Here are the primary benefits of using a sauna and steam room:

Lower Risk of Dementia

The World Health Organization estimates that 47.5 million individuals worldwide have dementia, including Alzheimer’s. For ageing populations, this decline in cognitive function is a serious issue. However, the risk of dementia may be lowered by using a sauna and steam room 4–7 times per week, according to a recent study involving 2,000 Finnish men. Participants who frequently utilized saunas had a 66 per cent lower risk of developing dementia as they aged.

Reduced Chance of Cardiac Issues

Additionally beneficial to heart health, heated spaces. Another Finnish study from 2015 discovered that people who frequently used an infrared sauna cabin had a decreased risk of cardiac death over 20 years. The participants, all men, revealed that using a sauna 4–7 times per week resulted in the lowest risk of dying from a heart-related issue.

Reduced Stress

Your health, mind, and behaviour can all suffer long-lasting harmful impacts from stress. Major health issues, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, can also result from it. Sauna manufacturers and experts suggest that these rooms have advantages, such as creating a calm, peaceful atmosphere akin to meditation. The primary benefit cited by many who frequently use saunas and steam rooms is reduced stress.

Enhancing Athletic Performance

A study by the University of Otago in New Zealand reveals that saunas can increase athletes’ endurance. Only six male test subjects—all long-distance runners—were used in the study. However, the outcomes are encouraging. Following time in the sauna, study participants raised their top running speeds. Researchers think that the higher blood volume contributed to the performance improvement.

Reduced chronic pain

Numerous people experience chronic pain due to fibromyalgia, arthritis, and other illnesses. However, people who use saunas and steam rooms report feeling less pain. An Infrared Sauna Cabin was helpful for pain alleviation combined with other treatments in a study of patients with chronic pain.

Most of the study participants who had utilized infrared saunas resumed their jobs two years following the study’s completion. This demonstrates that the sauna’s effects extended beyond relieving their immediate pain.

With so many mental health, emotional and physical wellbeing, now is the perfect time to create a wellness escape in your space.

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