Your Dream Swimming Experience with Swimming Pool Designers UK 

From maintenance tips, water chemistry, and insights into the most up-to-date trends in swimming pool designs and technology in the UK, look no further when it comes to your outdoor or indoor oasis with Luxpool. 

Wouldn’t it be great to have your very own at-home pool? Imagine being able to take a refreshing dip anytime you want, without ever leaving your house. With our help and support at Luxpool, you can make that dream a reality. So, let’s get started and explore your options for creating a safe, fun and multi-functional swimming area.

Create An Oasis At Home 

 If you’re contemplating adding your very own oasis to your property, do you want a pool that not only looks great but also functions appropriately? If so, then enlisting the services of a reputable designer is vital. A designer will work with you to create a custom pool that meets all your requirements and complements the overall look of your property, whether inside or out in the garden. Don’t settle for a basic, average, boring pool when you can have a unique and stunning design that sets your property apart.

Having a beautifully designed swimming space installed by a verified and reputable Swimming Pool Contractor from Luxpool will allow you to have your dream come to reality without having to do the hard work.

The Perfect Pool for All the Family 


Are you looking for the ultimate family-friendly activity that everyone can enjoy? We offer a range of options, with the end result being a perfect pool that will keep the whole family entertained and happy. 

Regularly swimming provides a long list of health benefits, making it a popular and fun activity for the whole family, and when you have access to your own at-home dream space, you want it to be perfect for everyone to enjoy and to cater to each individual. 

Designing and building one of your own is challenging; however, our experienced Swimming Pool Designers UK and knowledgeable contractors closely collaborate with you to bring your very own watery haven to life. 

Experienced and Knowledgeable Swimming Pool Contractors


Thanks to the years, experience and expertise of our UK-based professional team of designers, architects and builders, rest assured you will receive the excellent support and advice you need to realise your dream of owning a private at-home swimming. Our dedicated team also help you overcome the common challenges associated with swimming pool installation, as well as proper use and regular maintenance.

Your very own contractor will be on hand to answer all your questions about construction costs, maintenance, treatment, energy and water use. This ensures a swimming pool can be introduced to your home or garden on time, within budget and to first-class standards.

Swimming Pool Design Support – What’s Your Vision?

Introducing any new aspect to your home or garden should always begin with your vision – what exactly do you want from your pool? In a nutshell, it needs to have a purpose. For example, family pools have different features than one installed for aesthetic reasons, relaxation, fun or play. 

When it comes to a family fun swimming space, you can be as creative as your heart desires. For example, create a shape that can divide the pool into zones, adding things like different water depths or entertaining functions like jets or integrated seating, a diving area, or a secluded retreat for privacy.

Practical aspects need to be considered more carefully, however. For example, a contractor will look at aspects such as slip resistance and reducing sharp corners or edges – doing all the hard work for you. 

A pool designer in the UK will use their expert insight and experience within the swimming industry, working directly with you to achieve the best results. Their ongoing support will help provide a purpose that offers longevity and use for your unique circumstances, no matter whether you want a family, luxury or space-saving pool installed.

Know Your Options

With help from a professional pool designer, you can truly explore your options before you commit to a final design and installation.

Once you have confirmed the project’s purpose with support from your designer, there are several further factors to think about when installing your dream oasis at home. Deciding between an indoor, outdoor or hybrid pool is simply the tip of the iceberg and comes down to your available space. 

Your swimming pool designer will work with you to ensure you have all the facts from the very get-go. They will assist with every element, including placement, design, planning, construction and more technical matters, such as underground services, setting hydrology, drainage, and geotechnical components.

Think Outside the Box

When it comes to designing and installing your own home swimming pool, of course, you’ll have your own ideas, and we can certainly help bring this to life. Your hands-on designer will help you creatively bring to life your vision along with a level of practicality to achieve your grand plans.

Swimming pool designers, contractors and architects have years of hands-on experience working with a wide range of swimming materials and finishes and delivering different creative solutions. By combining the two, you can look forward to a practical and safe option that ticks all the boxes aesthetically.

Luxury Finish 


As well as improving the time efficiency of your project, using a professional pool designer will guarantee the very best results.

You will benefit from the design team’s expertise, their experience sourcing the best materials and their craftsmanship. Our excellent designers will also assist in completing your vision with lighting, feature walls, colour palettes, and other finishes that can be defined to make your pool the focal point that you envisage.

To reap all the rewards mentioned above and much more, please get in touch with our pool designers and UK-based contractors’ team for an initial discussion. It’s the first step to creating your safe haven. 

Ready to dive into a world of luxury? Contact Luxpool today! You can reach us at 0333 7722 887 or email us at Start planning your dream water oasis with Luxpool today and elevate your living experience

Common FAQ’s

  1. Do I Need Planning Permission?

Swimming pools located outside, for private use solely, will not require planning permission unless they structurally affect any existing buildings or foul drainage network. You may require planning permission if your property is listed, located within a conservatory area or green belt, or the permitted development rights have been removed. It’s highly recommended that you speak with your local council planning team for guidance. Indoor swimming areas will require Building Regulations approval, luxpool designers will assist with the complete process.

  1. Should My Swimming Pool Be Covered?

In a nutshell, yes it should be covered. There are many reasons you don’t want to leave it exposed to the elements when not being used. The cover will keep the space safe and clean of debris as well as reduce heat loss, which in turn, will reduce your overall running costs.

  1. How Can I Heat My Pool?

There are various ways to heat your swimming pool. Some of these include gas, electricity, oil, ground and air source heat pumps, solar heaters, wood burners, or even wind turbines. While outdoor swimming pools can run on renewable energy, indoor spaces require dehumidification, so therefore, renewable energy isn’t suitable in that case.