Ultimate Guide to Getting the Luxury Swimming Pool of Your Dreams


Have you thought about transforming your garden or commercial space into a Luxury Swimming Pool. Pools can have many different forms and serve various purposes, much like buildings. From a spa escape, to a training pool.  Make sure your swimming pool fits your lifestyle to get the most use out of it.

We as luxury swimming pool builders provide tailored design and build service along with range of types of pools that fits your and your commercial desires.

What are the primary types of luxury swimming pool?

While there is always an option in which luxury swimming pool builders will consider your ideas for customised construction, there is a list of primary pools that are usually suitable for all clients. Here is a little peek into this list.

Freeform Pool

A freeform swimming pool design is the most recent pool to defy geometrical convention.

The freeform swimming pool differs from traditional pools in that it is usually designed in a freeform or naturalistic shape, with curves or flowing lines. An example of a freeform pool is a kidney-shaped pool or oval shaped pool.

Freeform pools integrate the poolscape with the overall outdoor space. Make the most of your swimming area with a pool that blends naturally with other landscape features. With freeform pools, there is lot of flexibility with respect to size shape and depth. We can bring your ideas to shape using our 2d and 3d model drawings to make best use of the space available.

Lap Pool

Contemporary and opulent! Those are the first two that come to mind when experts consider a traditional lap pool. Lap pools provide clear lines that scream class and elegance and are designed to complement the modern architecture of their home.

These rectangular oases, which are long and narrow, are a swimmer’s paradise. Is there a limited space available for shallow play? Convert your lap loop into an L-shaped pool, and your modern pool will accommodate everyone.

Standard Pool

Traditional swimming pools frequently use kidney bean-inspired or rectangular designs. A rectangular or traditional (kidney bean) pool is most commonly used for leisure and amusement, which makes adding a spa or water feature simple. They rank among the most popular selections since they are incredibly accommodating, adaptable, complimentary and most budget friendly.

Infinity Pool

Due to their amazing design, infinity edge pools have gained popularity. Many owners of bungalows and developers of opulent commercial spaces are utilizing this swimming pool style. In order to create a vanishing edge pool in your home or commercial space, it should be designed from the outset as it requires careful planning and can be challenging to implement later on. It is important to consider, even though these edge pools are amazing, they are higher cost than other pool types. As a result, you should only pursue it if you have adequate budget.


While the above mentioned types are just a part of the long list, you can always talk to us to discover the perfect luxury swimming pool type for your property. Apart from the type and design, it is also essential that you hire the best professionals to take care of the project.

Luxpool offer free consultation, site visits and can provide you with 2D / 3D digital model options considering your requirements and budget.   Talk to our expert’s Luxury Swimming Pool Builders at Luxpool call us at 0333 7722 887 or email us at info@luxpool.co.uk for more details.