Swimming Pool Design and Build, A beginners guide

The ultimate addition to a resident or commercial, a swimming pool is a life-enhancing leisure facility with an impressive range of health and wellness benefits. If you’ve been considering taking the plunge and installing a pool, take a read through our concise beginners guide to answer all key your Swimming Pool Design and Build questions.

An indoor or outdoor swimming pool?


When you’ve decided to invest in a pool and boost the value of your property, the first decision you need to make is whether to opt for an outdoors or indoors facility. 

Evoking memories of cocktails sipped in an infinity pool and blissful snoozes on a poolside lounger, an outdoor swimming pool can make your al fresco lifestyle dreams a reality. Often the less expensive option, an outdoor pool can breathe new life into your property’s grounds – usually with fewer planning permission restrictions. If you’re worried that the weather will limit your pool time and you aren’t keen on the maintenance required to keep an outdoor pool at its best, an indoor pool may be your preferred option.

Though the construction of an indoor pool can be more expensive and may involve the inconvenience of swimming pool contractors UK carrying out work within your property during the build, you benefit from year-round use (whatever the weather), less maintenance, and easier temperature control. 

Understanding your swimming pool requirements


One of the key elements of swimming pool design and build success is understanding your requirements.

How will you use the pool? If you’re keen to swim for fitness, ensure the shape and size of the pool are optimised for laps. Bigger doesn’t have to mean better, and if space is at a premium, there are masterful designs that allow a dreamy pool experience in a compact spot. If you’re a socialite who can’t wait to throw poolside parties, you may fall for the trendy aesthetic of an infinity-edge pool or opt for a more curvaceous shape to make a design splash.

Those who appreciate days of self-care at the spa will know that a pool can be elevated with a range of soothing and health-promoting features, from jet streams and bubbles to peaceful waterfalls and fountains.  Premium swimming pool contractors UK like Luxpool will help create the bespoke experience that meets all your leisure and design expectations.  

You’ll want your friends, family, or clients to spend time in a clean, hygienic, and environmentally friendly swimming pool, so choosing an eco-friendly water treatment system may be one of your top requirements. At Luxpool we use the Dryden Daisy®, an advanced water system by Dryden Aqua, for drinking-quality pool water that aligns with your green credentials. 

Demystifying the process


Exciting though the thought of plunging into the sparkling waters of your own private pool may be, the swimming pool design and build process can seem a little daunting. If you’d like to know what to expect, swimming pool contractors UK are likely to run through the following steps with you:

  1. Design process – an initial site survey, assessing the site conditions will allow an architectural designer to design a durable and practical yet stunning pool that meets all your needs, as well as adhering to ISO quality standards and your local building regulations. Luxpool offers 2D and 3D renderings of your pool to really bring it to life for you.
  2. Planning permission – with your design plans to hand, the next step is applying for permission if the location and size of your pool require it. This is usually a simple process involving filling out an online form and sending in your swimming pool plans.
  3. Pre-build activities – these will include further site surveys, HSE, party wall agreements where needed, and the marking of coordinates.
  4. Building work – which will start with the excavation process. Luxpool clients benefit from a compacted and shuttered excavation site, bolstered by shoring plates to reduce the risk of lateral ground movement. A Luxpool swimming pool is constructed by insulating the floor and walls of the pool, installing steel reinforcement, and adding Sika concrete. Curing and rendering are completed with a premium ARDEX system then the finishing touches of tiling and filling it with water complete the process.



Though you understand the basic swimming pool design and build steps, you may be left with a few unanswered questions.

  1. How to select the best swimming pool contractors UK?

A swimming pool contractor is only as good as their team, so look for a company that offers an experienced and passionate workforce. At Luxpool, our team consists of architect designers, surveyors, structural engineers, project managers, and pool and spa technicians. The benefit of choosing a contractor with the full complement of specialists is that you experience a streamlined process, from start to finish – saving you time and money.

Take the time to browse your contractor’s work, ensuring they can nail your chosen look and equip your pool with all the additional features you desire. 

  1. Do you need planning permission for a swimming pool?

If you plan to install an outdoor swimming pool and your property is not a listed building or sitting on protected land, you may not require planning permission thanks to your permitted development rights. However, there are exceptions to this, and you should contact your local authority for advice.

Swimming pool contractors UK will be aware that indoor pools may need planning permission. Your contractor can liaise with your local authority to see if the pool they have designed needs to go through the planning process. This is more likely to be the case if you need to construct some sort of extension to your property or an additional structure on the grounds to house the new pool. 

  1. Why choose Luxpool for your swimming pool design and build needs?

Innovative and experienced, Luxpool’s dedicated team has been designing and constructing exquisite contemporary pools for the private and commercial sectors since 2000. Taking a bespoke approach, Luxpool’s pools promote well-being and curate a dynamic space that works for your home or business.

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